Books and Trade

New Books

We have a selection new best sellers and new releases in store and online as well as new books by Local Authors. 

Audio Books

Powered by our audiobook partner, your first month FREE and then $14.99 per month. The monthly fee equates to one audiobook credit which you can use at anytime, for any of the 100,000+ audiobooks available on our site. You can easily listen on any device (phone, tablet, PC) as all audiobooks are DRM-free.

Using Audible? Make the switch! 3 audiobooks for the price of one!

Used Book Prices

  • Used Paperbacks are 1/2 the cover price.
  • Used Hardbacks are 1/3 the cover price.
  • Vintage priced individually.


The trade-in value of your used books is up to 1/4 of the cover price depending on condition and current inventory. There is no cash value on trade credit but your store credit never expires.

Trade-in credit helps you get half off your purchase of used books.

The remaining balance of your purchase must be in cash or charge. Example: For a $5.00 used book purchase, $2.50 must be in cash or charge and $2.50 of trade credit may be used.

  • Trade-in credit is not applicable towards new books, gifts, ephemera, vintage books or individually priced collectible books.

In order to offer you quality used books, we are selective about the books we take in trade. Books may not be taken if …

  • We have several copies
  • That author or subject is not selling
  • The books are damaged in some way (shabby, torn, coverless, loose pages, mildew, water damage)

The following types of books have little or no market value and we regret that we may be unable to use them:

  • Harlequin Romance Books
  • Reader’s Digest Cond. Books
  • Most older Book Club Fiction
  • Most Numbered Romances
  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Magazines

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